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We’re moving

For more than 20 years, the IDENTT reference database for identity documents and banknotes has been available online under the addresses https://www.identt.com and https://identt.de. In the early days, when IDENTT GmbH was still Frameworks GmbH, IDENTT was simply the name of our product. People who wanted to learn more about the product IDENTT could find this information under https://www.identt.com.

This address scheme worked well for many years. But with the introduction of our new products the situation has changed. IDENTT reference database has become IDENTT Knowledge, one of now three core products along with IDENTT Vision and IDENTT Instant.

Now the name IDENTT does not stand for one of our products anymore but for the IDENTT SWISS AG company as a whole. In the future, we want to emphasize this by making our company website available under the URL https://www.identt.com.

Apart from that, not much will change. All usernames and passwords will remain valid. And because neither the IP address nor the certificate will be different, IP-based login methods will keep functioning as well. Direct URLs will need only a slight modification. In order to make them work, you need to insert the subdomain name knowledge like this:





From 13 September 2021 on, IDENTT Knowledge will be exclusively available under the new knowledge subdomain. Please adjust your bookmarks to the new address soon.

If you encounter a problem or have a question, write us an email. Our support team will gladly assist you.