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Identity documents Belgium – protection against fraud with popular cartoon characters


The collection of Belgian identity documents has a new member. On January 27, Sophie Wilmès, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs of Belgium presented her country’s new passport. The travel document has been given a completely new and more modern design – the best-known characters of (French) Belgian comics adorn the pages of the 34-page travel document.


Advanced biometric security features protect against identity theft


Tintin, the Smurfs, the Marsupilami, Lucky Luke, and many other popular characters from these famous comics have made it onto the pages of the passport. Many details only become visible under UV light. This is because, in addition to the design, 48 security elements have also been renewed, and even more emphasis placed on a counterfeit-proof concept. For example, in addition to greater personalization, a QR code for online verification of the passport can be found on the back of the photo. Also, a transparent window makes hidden image information visible. The passport has been issued since Feb. 07, 2022.


Belgisches Ausweisdokument, Reisepass, Seite 8-9


The new Belgian passport on video

The Belgian Ministry of Foreign Affairs has introduced the new passport in a video on YouTube. Have a look: Around the World with the Smurfs and Tintin.

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Protection against identity theft