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knowledge cien


Identity document & banknote knowledge database. Manual, reliable document verification. Fast, easy access. Maintained and updated by us.

vision web


Fully automated web service for online identification. Video and self-service identification. Flexible and configurable

compliance new

Compliance Suite

Digital onboarding and e-contracting. Anti-Money Laundering regulation of the EU
General Data Protection Regulation. KYC.

Use cases

Automated Onboarding

Our fully automated systems enable secure and swift onboarding. Streamline your process. Build trust and encourage users to revisit.

Identity Verification

Our service ensures that your customers provide you with the real and correct identity information about themselves.

User Verification

Experience frictionless AML and KYC compliance. Discover our simple to use, automatic end-user verification process.

Fraud Detection

Minimize your exposure to identity crimes such as money laundering and financing of terrorism.

Age Verification

Verify the age of your customers to increase your company’s value as a compliant entity as well as to reduce the exploitation of minors.


Avoid errors and reduce time-to-contract. Provide a digital signature for a proposal instantly on all devices.

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