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IDENTT Knowledge – Reference Database for Travel Documents

Worldwide identity document knowledge base

Visual examination of a person’s identity document is part of every Anti-money laundering legislation (AML) compliant identity verification. This process includes comparing optical security features (e.g., holograms, optically variable ink, guilloches, micro print, etc.) with reference documents. Also, data from the machine-readable zone (MRZ) need to undergo a plausibility check.

We have developed the IDENTT reference database for travel documents to make this process as easy, fast, and secure as possible. The database contains thousands of identity documents from over 200 countries. With every document, we provide detailed information and photos documenting the available security features. All information is arranged in a way that makes it easy and quick to find.

In addition, we provide you with user-friendly tools for calculating checksums and comparing the data from the MRZ with the data from the Visual Inspection Zone (VIZ).


Automated data checks with Auto Verify

Auto-Verify is a service built into IDENTT Knowledge that allows you to upload images of travel documents and have them checked automatically. You can upload PDF scans, smartphone, or webcam photos. Our software uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) to extract the relevant data from the document and verify it in a matter of seconds. This makes typing information in by hand unnecessary.

IDENTT Knowledge is your first line of defense against identity fraud.

The client tool for travel documents

IDENTT Knowledge comes with an available Client Tool designed for teams of 10 or more. It allows you to administer your team, change your account settings, and update critical onboarding information specific to your team.

You can create a list of countries and define which documents of those countries are accepted by your institution (whitelist). The client tool also allows you to display a list of all the changes you have made to give you a historical overview.

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