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Below you’ll find the answers to the questions we get asked most about our company and products.

Tell me again, what exactly do you do?

We offer B2B ID verification solutions. That means you use IDENTT to verify the identity of your customers. You can do it manually with IDENTT Knowledge. You can do it automatically with IDENTT Vision as long as you integrate it into your solutions. Or you can have the version you can use right away, called IDENTT Instant.

I still don’t understand. Break it down for me.

IDENTT Knowledge is an internet database. Your customer provides you with a valid ID and you can look it up in the Knowledge base to check authenticity as well as enter key information to check validity.


IDENTT Vision is a comprehensive solution that you install into your systems. It lets you verify your customers’ IDs automatically, anytime anywhere as long as your customer has an internet enabled image capture device e.g. smartphon or tablet with selfie camera, laptop or desktop with webcam.


IDENTT Instant is the self-service version that you can use right away, without having to integrate anything into your systems.

What about IDENTT Compliance?
In each country and in each industry, there are very different regulations when it comes to the verification of an individual in an onboarding scenario. Both regulations on the EU level, such as eIDAS or AML, and on the national level stipulate myriad legal requirements you must fulfill. Our consultants help you design your legally compliant digital process and deliver the necessary technical components to achieve full ID compliance in your country and in the industry that you are active in.
What types of ID can you verify?

We are able to verify standard international passports, national IDs and a selection of drivers’ licenses. We add to our coverage every day.

Can we call you if we get a questionable ID from one of our customers?

Yes. That’s our job. If you have used Knowledge and Vision and you are still unsure, call us, we will gladly help you correctly identify and verify the ID. If we still don’t know what it is, we will know how to figure it out.

How does my customer upload ID and address documents?

You decide the workflow. You decide if you want to build this into your app or simply use it over a browser. Typically, your customer can click a link or use your app to go through the remote verification procedure.

How is my customers’ data processed and stored?

IDENTT adheres to strict data security standards. We are fully GDPR compliant and operate on the principle that our customers are in control of their data.

How does the system distinguish real documents from fake ones?

IDENTT AI drive solution makes use of a template database trained on real documents that allow it to identify fake documents from the real ones.


  • Checking MRZ: comparing data in the MRZ to the corresponding Visual Inspection Zone data and verifying MRZ checksums
  • Checking a range of security features
  • Matching live selfie to document photo ID

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